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‘I said many times’: Pep Guardiola weighs in on GOAT debate after Messi’s World Cup win

Everyone has an opinion but nobody can doubt that he [Lionel Messi] is there, with the greatest of all time,” Pep Guardiola said in his press conference.

For me, I said many times, he is the best.

“It would be difficult to understand that a player can compete with what he has done in the last 50 to 70 years.

“With the people who saw Pele or [Alfredo] Di Stefano or [Diego] Maradona, their opinions are often sentimental.

“If he [Messi] had not won the World Cup, my opinion about what he has done for world football, it wouldn’t have changed absolutely anything. Of course, for him it’s the final achievement of an incredible career.”

Messi winning the World Cup was is the crowning moment of his illustrious career. It put Leo up there among the best players ever to play the game. However, for the present generation, Messi’s achievements put him ahead of anyone else.

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