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Messi suggests Maradona helped Argentina win World Cup from heaven in emotional tribute

From Grandoli to the World Cup in Qatar, almost 30 years passed. It was close to three decades in which football gave me many joys and also some sadness,” Lionel Messi writes in his latest Instagram post.

“I always had the dream of being a World Champion and I didn’t want to stop trying, even knowing that it might never happen.

“This Cup that we won is also for all those who did not achieve it in the previous World Cups that we played, like in 2014 in Brazil, where everyone deserved it because of how they fought until the very final, worked hard and wanted it as much as I did… And we deserved it even in that damn ending.

“It is also for Diego who encouraged us from heaven. And of all those who always bankrolled the National Team without looking so much at the result but rather the desire that we always put into it, also when things did not go as we wanted

And of course, it is from all this beautiful group that was formed and from the coaching staff and all the people from the national team who, being anonymous, work day and night to make it easier for us.

“Many times failure is part of the journey and of learning, and without disappointment, it is impossible for success to come.

“Thank you very much from the heart! Let’s go Argentina!!” Messi concludes.

The 35-year-old has achieved the ultimate success in football to top off a career littered with incredible achievements.

Messi was named the best player at the World Cup in Qatar for his game-changing performances.

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