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Spotted: Messi still wears lucky charm ribbon gifted to him 4 years ago – it works like magic on whoever wears it

Argentina was the superior team in the final against France but, due to how things went in the second half of the regular time, it definitely can be said that they wouldn’t have become world champions without a bit of luck

And that bit of luck might’ve been brought by Leo Messi‘s red ribbon. The Argentine wore it on his left leg during the game, as post-match pictures suggest.

In case you are not familiar with the story behind the red ribbon, Messi got it from journalist Rama Pantarotto’s mother during the 2018 World Cup. It was presented to him after his penalty miss in the opening match against Iceland.

Since then, the ribbon has been a lucky charm not only for Leo but also for the players that received it from the veteran forward.

In 2018, Philippe Coutinho ended his goal drought at Barcelona while wearing it. The next year, Paulo Dybala scored his first goal for the national team with the ribbon on his wrist.

Eventually, the lucky charm returned to the original owner and has now made him a world champion four years later.

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