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I just want to say thank you’: Global football fans react to Messi winning first World Cup

The entire world has been reacting to Lionel Messi lifting the World Cup with Argentina on Sunday night

Here’s what fans have been saying about Messi’s incredible achievement:


BarackObama: “Congrats to Argentina and to the GOAT, Lionel Messi, for an amazing World Cup victory.”

Bastian Schweinsteiger: “Congratulations to Argentina With the World Cup title, Messi has finally crowned his great career”

KSI: “Messi has won a World Cup. Ronaldo has never won a World Cup. The debate is over people.”

iamharishkalyan: “You deserve this GOAT Messi What a final! Argentina finally”

SarahSalahpour: “I could never explain my love for Messi. All these years of disappointment and tears and he finally gets what he deserves.”

iyam_dymmy: “MESSI I soooo much love you!!!!! Kaiiii I want to cry. 18 years of my life you’ve given me joy, I just want to say thank you and thanks to my God Almighty for making me see this. I’m so grateful”


i798p: “My blood pressure was off the charts during this match. Oh my god, finally he won it. So fucking happy for him. He deserves this after all he went through. Fairytale ending to his career. I love this man so much.”

Imaghost: “We had the privilege to see this guy on a weekly basis playing for our team. He Deserved World Cup. Every generation has its GOAT. Older people say it’s Pele. Some say, Maradona. But Messi is the GOAT of our generation for sure. Hands down.”

turnvknup: “The greatest to ever play this beautiful game. There was never an argument and there never will be.”

rahuls: “Undisputed. Unarguable. Goat. Messi.”

dmo_da-dude22: “Messi was the soul of the team. Argentina deserved it, I am so happy to see the GOAT lift that trophy.”

Kromah Musa: “The goat debate has finally come to an end. He lost the opening match and they made fun of him yet he went on to win the competition. Put some respect on this man”

pol jons: “My fellow Culers, there’s no word that can explain the kind of joy football has been faithful, the almighty God has been so faithful to reward Messi the desire of his career.”

BarcaFOREVER: “God finally decided the GOAT debate. This is my beloved GOAT, in whom I am well pleased. The Debate is OVER!!!”

Jose maria bartemayonase: “It’s done, it’s finished, THE GOAT 🐐 I’m gonna cry”

Adeola Ogunnuga: “Victory at last Leo Messi wins World cup, this Guy is real GOAT another goat is counterfeit”

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