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What is the black cape Messi wears while lifting World Cup trophy? It has to do with goats – explained

It was impossible not to note that Lionel Messi was wearing a black cape as lifted the World Cup trophy.

In case you were wondering what it was, the piece of clothing is called bisht. It is a traditional men’s cloak usually worn in Arab countries. It is supposed to be worn on special occasions and denotes prestige.

Interestingly enough, bisht is made from camel hair and goat wool. Very appropriate considering that the World Cup final has made Messi’s GOAT status undisputed!

However, some fans weren’t happy that Messi was made to wear it.

mikefatkin (Twitter): “What on earth was that trophy presentation all about? Messi forced into wearing a black cape? WTF? And Infantino, please, it really *isn’t* about you. Just hand the trophy over to the players and piss off and count all your money or something.”

lauriewhitewell (Twitter): “Qatar obviously wanted to be present in the World Cup trophy pictures, hence putting that black bisht on Messi. But just made for an weird, unnecessary look amid a sea of blue + white sporting shirts. It should be a moment for the players, not the host. Grossly indulgent.”

GabbarSingh (Twitter): “That black cape has ruined every group photo. Messi is too polite, Ronaldo would have thrown it.”

ollyespinasse (Twitter): “That is a fucking joke putting Messi in that cape thing!! Ruined the photos of him lifting the World Cup.”

GMOpenshaw (Twitter): “Messi looks like he’s about to get his hair cut in that cape.”

Bisht or not, Messi is a world champion now, that’s all that matters.

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