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Dembele seems confused by Benzema question – fans believe something weird is going on in France dressing room

Ousmane Dembele has caught himself in the middle of a new drama involving Karim Benzema and the French national team.

Benzema seems to have fully recovered from his injury as he played in Real Madrid’s recent behind-the-doors friendly against Leganes. The striker still remains on France’s squad list for the World Cup and, with the final yet to be played, journalists started asking whether he will be called back to Qatar.

For some reason, the reports thought it appropriate to ask Dembele about it during the latest presser. The Barcelona winger was caught off guard by the question, look at his reaction.

Ousmane’s answer was rather restrained: “It’s not my decision, but I think he’s injured.”

Posed with the same question, France’s coach said he preferred not to answer.

Meanwhile, there are fans who believe that Benzema has been pushed out of the dressing room by coach Didier Deschamps and his players.

elfayz_ (Twitter): “Something weird is going on within that French dressing room. Deschamps and the team leaders deffo pushed Benzema out.”

XavsFutbol (Twitter): “Benzema doesn’t do interviews, he just posts very cryptic Instagram stories and lets everyone else on social media do the rest.”

The story goes even further, though, as Karim was reportedly invited by French president Emmanuel Macron to watch the final from the stands. However, the 34-year-old is said to have rejected the invitation, dropping some cryptic messages on Instagram along the way.

First, Benzema posted a selfie and captioned it “I’m not interested.”

Then, he reposted a story from one of his friends that read: “We have already won. End of.”

In another story, Karim’s best friend calls the striker the best player in the world while using Algeria’s flag instead of the French one.

Finally, to confirm the suspicions, the reliable Sergio Santos of Relevo reported that the relationship between Benzema and Deschamps is completely broken.

The mood in the French dressing room isn’t perfect ahead of the final, that’s for sure.

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