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Dembele aiming to beat Zidane’s record at World Cup – some Barca fans don’t support him Barcelona 1 hour ago 12

Ousmane Dembele is one game away from winning his second World Cup title at the age of 25. Even the great Zinedine Zidane only managed to win one despite playing in two finals

But some Barca fans would rather have Lionel Messi win the World Cup in 2022 than Dembele and Jules Kounde – two Barca players.

Here’s what they say on Twitter:

💬QuantumRare: “Lmaoooo you’ll have to be a deluded Barça fan to support Dembele or Kounde over Messi for a World Cup Final!!”

💬Sammiwonda: “Only Leo Messi has my support. Next world cup I will support Koundé and Dembele”

💬bananjano: “Every well-meaning Barca fan will support Messi to lift the World Cup Trophy instead of Dembele and Kounde”

💬MeerZaar: “Messi for world cup. Kounde, Dembele for anything else, even if they were playing a CL final against Messi and PSG i would support Barca. But World Cup support for Messi.”

💬Alex_Nielsen97: “I think most of the Barça fans support Messi, because it his last chance to win it and it’s the only thing he is missing. The fans will also be happy for Dembele and Koundé if they win it.”

Messi remains a club legend at Barcelona which explains the sentiments of the fans. He’s also one World Cup title away from becoming the undisputed GOAT.

Source: Twitter

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