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‘FIFA can’t put such a ref at this level’: Messi rips into Mateu Lahoz even though Argentina wins

Mateu Lahoz went on a yellow-card spree, dishing out bookings left and right during the quarterfinal between Argentina and Netherlands.

The game has ended with a total of 18 yellow cards, breaking the previous record of 16 yellow handed out during Portugal vs Netherlands back in 2006.

Argentina’s captain Lionel Messi was also shown a yellow card, which he clearly was not pleased with.

Here’s what he said after the emotional penalty shoot-out saw his country reaching the World Cup semifinal.

“I don’t want to talk about the referee because they sanction you for being honest. I think people saw what it was.

FIFA cannot put such a referee who is not up to the task for a game of this level.”

There are, however, those who believe that Lahoz refereed the game in Argentina’s favour and Messi deserved to be booked for handball in this very episode.

❓How would you rate the officiating today?

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