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Van der Vaart predicts easy win for the Netherlands against Argentina, says Messi can’t do it alone

Argentina will face the Netherlands in the World Cup quarter-final on Friday. The popular prediction is that Argentina will win with Lionel Messi in their squad, but former Real Madrid striker Rafael Van der Vaart argues otherwise.

“Messi showed himself once again this tournament, but the guys around him are..not so great,” Van der Vaart said.

“It will be easy! 3-0 to the Netherlands,” the former Tottenham player added.

Van der Vaart also gave some tips on how the Dutch should defend against Messi.

“I played at Real Madrid. We put Sergio Ramos on Messi. If he goes that direction? You go with him. If he goes to the toilet? You go with him. After the game, he was toyed around with. It’s so hard to defend him. Maybe it’s better for us not to mark him

The Netherlands have shown tactical brilliance at the World Cup and are among the teams who are yet to lose a game.

Argentina lost once against Saudi Arabia but they have grown into the tournament winning every game since then

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