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Watch: Lionel Messi and Papu Gomez convince Sergio Aguero of David Beckham likeness

Twitch is playing a far bigger role in this World Cup than many would have expected, especially for those of the Spanish tongue. Luis Enrique’s streaming escapades have come to an end, thus Sergio Aguero and guests have taken up the mantel of providing the entertainment.

Aguero was speaking to Alejandro Papu Gomez, seated next to one Lionel Messi, when the two of them asked Aguero to guess who Gomez looked like.

When he eventually managed to get to David Beckham, ‘Kun’ could not hide his incredulity.

Gomez and Messi tried to explain that he had asked the hairdresser for same cut as David Beckham.

“You really think you have the same cut as Beckham?” Aguero reacted.

“If you think you’re Beckham, we’re all f*****,” continued Aguero.

“Give me two or three days to grow in the beard,” Gomez pleaded, much to the amusement of all three.

The stories of players doing all they can to escape the boredom of being restricted in national team camps are the mother of many an amusing anecdote. Gomez asking his barber for the same cut as Beckham can be added to them.

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