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Lewandowski criticized for one episode in France clash – Neymar and Jorginho do it regularly

Robert Lewandowski took Poland to the World Cup round of 16 and, together with goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny, was the only player on the team that actually played well. However, this did not save him from criticism after being eliminated by France.

In particular, some fans online were unhappy with Lewandowski’s penalty goal and they believe that the run-up for the kick Robert did should be outlawed.

alf_love47 (Twitter): “Lewandowski penalty ‘run up’ should be outlawed, it’s cheating. To hop, skip, jump or even stop before kick is taken commits keeper to move and must be banned, gives kicker unfair advantage. It certainly isn’t entertaining watching it.”

mrconks (Twitter): “Wish they’d outlaw penalty run ups like what Lewandowski just did.”

ZachLowy (Twitter): “Lewandowski looked like he was trying to do a TikTok dance, not a penalty. Bizarre run-up.”

ParkLaneBlock40 (Twitter): “34 years old and Lewandowski does a penalty run up like that. Turn it in FFS.”

And here is what it looked like.

However, those who watch football every week and not only every 4 years know that this run up is very popular among penalty takers. Neymar and Jorginho are the first names that come to mind, and somehow nobody has a problem when they do it.

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