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What happens if Lewandowski’s Poland are level on everything with Mexico, including yellow cards Answered?

As it stands, Argentina are set to win Group C of the Qatar World Cup as they’re leading 2-0 against Poland.

That means Robert Lewandowski’s side will finish the group stages on 4 points.

This is the same as Mexico – who are defeating Saudi Arabia 2-0 as well.

The interesting thing is that if the games finish like this, both Poland and Mexico will be on 4 points with a 0 goal difference- having scored 2 goals and conceded as many.

In case that, Poland would actually go ahead due to a better ‘fair play record’ as they have earned fewer yellow cards than the Mexican side. Poland have earned 5 yellow cards, fewer than Mexico’s 7.

Here is how FIFA’s rule book determines how a team qualifies from a group.

1. Points

2. Goal difference

3. Goals scored

4. H2H record

5. Fair play record

6. Draw of lots: The last way to determine who progresses is by luck of the draw. No team has been axed from the World Cup by this method so far.

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