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Is Leo Messi out of World Cup if Argentina fails to beat Mexico? Answered

With Robert Lewandowski’s Poland beating Saudi Arabia and topping their group, it’s time to find out what it means for Leo Messi’s Argentina and their chances of making the play-offs.

Could the Albiceleste really drop our of the race for the trophy tonight and, if so, under what circumstances?

It all depends on the outcome of the Mexico clash, of course.

1. If the game ends up in a draw:

Poland 4 pts

KSA 3 pts

Mexico 2 pts

Argentina 1 pt

Scaloni’s men will have to beat Poland by a large margin in the final round to progress.

2. If Argentina win:

Poland 4

Argentina 3


Mexico 1

3. If Argentina lose:

Poland 4 pts

Mexico 4 pts

KSA 3 pts

Argentina 0 pts

In this case, their World Cup journey will be over with one game to spare

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