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‘Feel privileged to be witnessing this’: fans can’t stop hailing 2 Barca players after Costa Rica display

How cold do you have to be to offer this kind of performance in your first World Cup appearance while still being a literal kid? I’m talking about both of them, by the way”, some Spanish fan called The Red Fury wrote on Twitter, referring to Gavi and Pedri, of course.

Here’s what other fans think of the duo:

OlympiqueBarca: “I feel privileged to be witnessing this”

LmaolmHavinfun: “Gavi will own Messi when he plays Argentina”.

ForcaBarca: “Pedri is a 19 y/o with a head of 25-26”.

Sthita: “I am literally crying rn, finally the Pedri prop from everyone that he deserved”.

Kelvin Kamdani: “Gavi has a nerve of steel man, when he plays for barca last season he tackle many veteran players to the ground and he didnt even care”.

Both Barcelona midfielders are still in their teens (though Pedri turns 20 on Friday), yet their performances are remarkably mature.


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