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‘Maintain your dignity’: Culer names Barca player who should retire after Pique

Gerard Pique announced his retirement earlier this week. The defender will play his last game at Camp Nou against Almeria later today

Barca fan nicknamed Function Guy believes Sergio Busquets should follow suit and retire as soon as possible.

“So despite this guy not being as bad as Busquets he still decided to retire and save us the humiliation,” Function Guy posted on Tribuna.

“Busquets made the same mistake against Inter Milan as Pique did but he is not thinking of retiring or leaving despite that he is the worst player at Barca now. This is how you maintain your dignity and earn more respect.

But as far as am concerned I will have no respect for Busquets, that guy has made me cry a lot, he has been at the center of all the humiliations and eliminations we have had over the years, making so many big errors that always leads to goals against us.

“Busquets doesn’t deserve to wear the Barca shirt after the World Cup next month. Alba ànd Roberto are still manageable, mostly Roberto.

Rebuilding a team without Messi but with Pique, Busquets and Alba, what type of transition is that?

“Pique has helped Barca both on and off the field, with some businesses that have given Barca much money, remember he and Shakira recommended and initiated Rakuten our dear sponsor.

“Very influential businessman, he has Cosmos company and Andorra club in the Segunda B. What else remains? He is a big fish, I will love him till the end of time but can’t say the same to Busquets the king of errors, lazy and slow snail plus yellow card lord.”

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