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Two reasons behind Barcelona’s jersey shortage this season

Barcelona fans are experiencing a major shirt shortage in the city, with the majority of the official stores running out of kits to sell.

This is causing quite an issue for the fans as well as the club itself, as they are losing out on significant revenue, reports Mundo Deportivo.

Robert Lewandowski, in particular, is the most requested kit in the Barça shops right now. But there is a dearth of kits available. During the day when Barcelona played Bayern Munich in the Champions League, 50 shirts had arrived with Lewandowski on the back, but they were sold out in less than 10 minutes.

The report explains that the reason behind Barcelona’s shirt shortage is the deal with Spotify that was not announced until April. Previously, shirts from the Nike factory were printed with Rakuten as the main sponsor, but they later had to be changed.

Another key reason is the return of tourism in the city of Barcelona. After two years of the pandemic, the club stores have not been able to correctly forecast the sales, and are running out of kits to sell, even in unofficial shops.

Moreover, the trouble around Lewandowski’s sales is because of the fact that Barcelona did not expect the acquisition of the Polish international earlier in the year, so the stocks for the home shirt was not enough to meet the demands.

However, Barcelona have set a timeframe of November 21 for the return of stocks, just in time for the Black Friday and Christmas sales.

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