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Barcelona vice president gives Xavi his ‘full confidence’, fans react

Xavi is the coach we want”, Barcelona vice president Rafael Yuste insisted earlier this week

We have complete confidence in Xavi. We’re 100% behind him, my fellow board members share that my view. Xavi is a home-grown coach who knows what he needs to do, who’s fighting with a team which is still a work in progress”.

“We have all our hopes pinned on Xavi. He’s the coach that we want and I am convinced that he will lead us to the trophies that the fans want and deserve” – Yuste stated.

And here’s how the fans on social media reacted to this:

MaheshMandadi: “I just don’t understand how can anyone blindly say Xavi is the answer. It’s not like Xavi is a bad manager. I’m just saying he is not proven. It can go either way. Not everyone is Pep or Zidane. There are Pirlo, Lampards, Gerards in this world”.

Cringy: “Honestly Barca shud get rid of him. He is too emotional to be a coach. They other day they shamelessly lost to Madrid and Xavi had the audacity to say “we didn’t deserve to loose”. Sack him and go sign tuchel…. Give him xavis budget and he will do wonders”.

BenjaminO: “Looks like they’ve chosen to keep their trophy cabinet empty”.

WinPat: “I actually feel bad for believing Xavi is the answer..At this point I will pick Tuchel over him

HipDickens: “Rafa is in denial. Xavi will soon be fired”.

Savvvagge: “As a Culer, I don’t think Xavi is the right man for d job. We have been d laughing stock of Europe for the past two seasons, this season we were knocked out of the cl group stage with a game to spare. Culers is that how our standard has dropped that we are okay with this. #Xaviout

Xavi’s men will have their first real chance of winning the trophy in January, when the Supercopa kicks off. That means the resignation of the gaffer should be out of the question until then at the very least.

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