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‘What is it with Barca?’ – fans not happy with board lately, it has to do with Jorginho

The Barcelona fans are growing impatient as rumors on potential move for Jorginho in summer intensify

Here’s what they think of the 30-year-old Italian’s signing.

Barca Spaces: “I understand that we are short on cash, but we seem to take two steps back for every step forward with signings like Jorginho. Sigh”.

Guille: “He’s physically and technically lacking. People rage at Busquets, I’m afraid to even imagine what they’d think about Jorginho”.

Sideeq: “Signing him as a stop gap for a year or two? Same thing we did with Bellerin and Alonso…See how it turned out. Stop gaps never work!”

Ole: “Jorginho, Kante, Alonso, Bellerin, Azpi.. What is it with Barca and being interested in washed PL players?”.

Anish_Barca: “The board likes cheap and finished premier League players too much”.

Tobiloba: “Profile ID is a serious problem for Xavi though. All our signings last summer were just available people…bro never really thought about how they’d fit in tactically”.

Terungwa: “We shouldn’t be signing every 30+ players whose contracts have been allowed to run down. Barcelona board should study the market better

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