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Barcelona’s support of new Spanish sports law has angered several La Liga teams

The upcoming verdict of the Sports Law that is being discussed in the Sports Commission of Congress is set to upset a majority of the Spanish clubs, with a report from SER confirming that the governing body will give the green light to the decision of not having a break in Spanish football.

Interestingly enough, the decision involves not only the top tier of the country’s footballing circle but also the second division, meaning that as many as 39 clubs will be affected by the settlement.

For now, there is no official word on the same as the agreement is being voted upon in the Congress of Deputies. So if everything goes as planned, the break in Spanish football will be avoided.

While the aforementioned Assembly is scheduled for Thursday, there are reports that a second meeting will be held with the clubs involved, but the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Athletic Club will be barred.

This is mainly because these three teams agree with the current decision and that has angered the rest of the teams. As a result, several top-tier teams are planning to go on strike on October 28 if the law is not changed.

The persisting political tension is mainly related to three factors. First, the rest of the teams are fearing the possible implementation of the European Super League. Second, the income earned from the TV rights is another issue and lastly, the transparency between the clubs and the RFEF will also be called into question.

As of now, the presidents of many La Liga teams are of the belief that their opinions are not taken into consideration. Furthermore, calling out the transparency, they also feel that the only president that truly has power is Florentino Perez and that he is dictating the law.

For now, the agreement involving the CVC economic fund is still being negotiated, but there’s a floating word that a principal agreement is already in place and this is indeed going to prevent domestic football from going into a break.

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