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Busquets leads the way: Agreement in principle to defer salary payments

The difficult financial situation at Barcelona is well known, especially by the players. That’s why captain Sergio Busquets is willing to help by deferring part of his salary.

His agent Josep Maria Orobitg met with Barcelona directors this Tuesday and they reached an agreement in principle for the midfielder’s wages to be deferred to a later date.

It’s not a salary reduction. Rather, Busquets would be paid what he is owed across more instalments and further into the future.

This is one way of adapting to the Catalan club’s current financial situation, as Barcelona need to reduce as many of their current costs as possible.

The deal has yet to be finalised, but an agreement in principle was worked out between the two parties this Tuesday.

Busquets’ contract renewal

The captain’s current contract runs until June of 2023, and his future hasn’t been decided yet. This must be addressed soon, though, and all options are on the table.

For now, the 34-year-old hasn’t made a decision on his future, although he is believed to be open to working out an extension.

Pique’s willingness to help reduce Barcelona’s wage bill

Another veteran figure at the club is Gerard Pique and he also has a very high salary.

Like Busquets, the centre-back is also willing to help the club financially and would also be willing to defer payments in a similar way.

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