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Ballon d’Or, Benzema & 6 more best bits from Lewandowski ‘farewell’ interview with German press

German news outlet Sport1 has published an interview with Robert Lewandowski. Branded as a ‘farewell’ interview, it predominately touches upon the striker’s spell at Bayern Munich.

We’ve picked the bits relevant to Barcelona fans.

Que tal?

[How are you? in Spanish]

“Molt content, gracies!”

[Very good, thanks in Catalan]

On Barca presentation

“Incredible! I didn’t expect so many fans. It doesn’t matter that I had more than other players like Ronaldinho or Ibrahimovic. Those were different times anyway.

“But in the end it’s really nice when you get so much support right away. Such experiences stay forever.

“It’s just a new feeling for me. I needed this change, this move to another country to another club. I feel like a kid who got a new toy.”

On his late father

(Lewandowski’s father Krzysztof, a Polish judo champion and a footballer, died in 2005)

“Dad would have been very proud and satisfied. He always told me when I was a kid that he believed I would be able to reach the highest level one day. This has given me a lot of motivation and hope to achieve my dreams.

“I miss him and I’m sad that he couldn’t experience all that, whether in Dortmund, Munich or now Barcelona. But I’m sure he’s sitting up there in the front row, looking down at me proudly.”

On openly pushing for Barca move

“I know that hurt a lot of [Bayern] fans. I can understand them and now I only apologize for that.

“At that moment it was important and necessary for me to make it clear that I am ready for a change. At the end of the day, we’re all only human, right?

“After twelve years in Germany it was clear to me: I’m done here. I wanted to make that clear – because it wasn’t easy for FC Bayern to agree to a sale during this phase. It was a difficult situation for everyone involved and we had to find the best solution.”

On fans shouting ‘Hala Madrid’ on his farewell Munich visit

“Yes, I heard that too – and laughed. But there were also a few who called my name. That was really nice.

“In the past few weeks I’ve also met a few fans on the street who have expressed understanding for my situation and wished me all the best.”

On Ballon d’Or

“I’ve always said that the success of the team drives me. Accolades like that are nice extras, but that’s not why I wanted to go to Spain. Some of what was written was not true.”

On Kingsley Coman saying Benzema better than Lewandowski

“Yes, I saw that. But of course King[sley] had to say that because he still plays with Benzema in the national team. (laughs)

“Seriously: I look at myself and my team, not at others. Of course you look forward to games like El Clásico and Benzema is a great striker, but in the end it’s about winning trophies with Barca. Everything else is irrelevant.”

On his ex-agent revealing Madrid was Lewandowski’s dream

“I haven’t had any contact with him for almost five years. A person’s thoughts and desires can also change in such a period of time.

“There used to be talks with Real Madrid, but nothing came out of it. I always wanted to play in La Liga, that was clear to me. And when Barca came knocking this time, Barca was the only option for me. There were other offers, but they didn’t interest me.”

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