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It’s not his fault he couldn’t prove himself’: Fan reacts as one Barca player booed by Cules during presentation

Martin Braithwaite was the only Barcelona player who got heavily booed by the Camp Nou crowd during the squad presentation.

While some fans defend such Cules, others claim the Dane still doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment.

“I didn’t admire the Barcelona fans when they booed Braithwaite yesterday at the squad’s presentation at Camp Nou.

“Obviously the fans want him out, but he has a contract. It’s not his fault he couldn’t prove more last season. He was injured for months.”

Braithwaite had a great start to the 2021/22 campaign before getting sidelined for several months.

The forward is just 20th on the list of Barca’s highest-paid players. He has rejected several big-money offers to stay at Blaugrana.

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