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Is Kounde injury prone? Answered

Barcelona’s latest signing Jules Kounde is famed for being a powerful and versatile defender.

However, the Frenchman is being labelled as injury-prone by some fans. Let’s not forget he suffered another injury prior to signing for Barca – he’s recovered though.

There are reports claiming Barca even inserted an injury clause in his contract.

Here’s one fan (probably Chelsea) Mensah, recently calling Kounde ‘injury prone’

“Kounde is average and injury prone. Y’all just overhyping for no reason just because Chelsea is desperate,” Mensah tweeted.

Last May, Kounde was subjected to minor surgery on his pelvis after an injury. It was a long-term problem which was aggravated on international duty.

However, it’s totally rubbish to say Kounde is injury prone. He’s never had any serious injury of note and is still just 23.

The Frencham played 44 games for Sevilla last season and 49 in the season before that. In fact, he’s never played less than 40 games in a season in the last 4 seasons.

Barca have signed a war horse here!

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