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Laporta sends a message to Bayern: I would ask them to look at their bank account for Lewandowski’s payment

Barcelona’s moves in this transfer window have raised some eyebrows. People from Bayern Munich and Chelsea have already expressed their unease with the fact that the Blaugrana are spending big despite their financial issues.

During an event in Manhattan to promote the agreement between the club and UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, Joan Laporta stood by Barcelona’s transfer planning.

He also sent a message to Bayern Munich after coach Julian Nagelsmann criticised the club’s investments.

“What I would ask is that [Bayern Munich] check at their bank account,” said Laporta.

“They have received a lot of money for the transfer of Lewandowski. I respect everyone and I don’t interfere in other people’s finances.”

Laporta was critical about other clubs who are commenting on Barcelona’s financial situation without having adequate information about their issues.

“I give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe they thought we couldn’t do it, but they hadn’t gauged the strength of Barcelona and the drive of the new board,” added Laporta.

“It’s a lack of knowledge, a lack of information about our club. The levers have strengthened the club a lot. We have already turned the page.

“Barcelona have more than 120 years of history and assets of great value. A value much higher than the assets of other clubs, which have the value they have.

“For the TV rights for 25 years and not for 50, as others proposed, we have accounted for 667 and a half million euros, do you understand me?

“So we are doing a good job. I would have preferred not to have to do it, but I had to do it because it was necessary and football does not wait.

“Barcelona fans, fortunately, are well accustomed and our demands are higher than those of others.

We have more than 400 million fans who demand more from us than others. Everyone knows what they have to do and, if I don’t interfere in what others do, I would ask them not to interfere in what we do.

“We are going to compete on the field and we will see who has worked harder and better. I’m not saying this with the intention of arguing, but let them worry about what they do.





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