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Next thing we’ll hear is he’s paying Barca to stay’: United fans react to De Jong ‘open’ to taking 50% pay-cut at Barcelona

Frenkie de Jong held a meeting with Barcelona manager Xavi recently, in which they discussed his future at the club.

The Dutch midfielder was told that if he wants to be part of the squad this season, he’ll have to accept a 50% pay cut.

If he doesn’t do that, De Jong will not be involved in the Barca setup. The midfielder is reportedly ‘open’ to taking a pay cut and remaining at the club than joining Man United.

Martin S: “He is so desperate to stay there the next thing we gonna hear he is paying Barca to stay there

1978 Mannucian: “If this is true, Frankie is an absolute Joker. Listen, no club could treat me the way Barca has and I call it “My Dream Club” They put him up for sale against his will, painting his name black, bring in other players and reward them with lucrative contracts, owes him large sums of money and then I cut my salary in half to stay and not even guaranteed to be a starter? If he’s going to do that then his name should be changed from De Jong to De Clown!!!”

Bigsy: “They’re bribing him to stay. Terrible how Barca have fallen . no money no world-class players . let him go you won’t beat Real this season.”

HarryC: “I pity this guy if he thinks he’s gonna see playing time in this current Barca side. You could clearly see he’s not included in their plans. Check their signings and the match with RM.”

Karim Janneh: “I don’t want United to force this man, he is not a fool if he accepts to cut 50% of his salary that’s his f****** business. If United forces him maybe he will not play to expectations.”


Ryan Baldi: “I’m not leaving any meeting satisfied after being told I need to do more work for half the pay.”

UtdActive: “I hope I speak for all Manchester United fans but this saga is incredibly boring and quite frankly Spanish media have been terrible throughout, difficult to trust them again. That being said FDJ won’t be playing in the Midfield for Barca next season and needs cut his wages lol.”

CharineA: “Note LVG won’t sympathise, he won’t take him/play him in World Cup as CB given low playtime. Not to mention the prestige and salary elsewhere. You can love a club all you want but surely that club not loving him back. Kounde makes this talk a joke + a more irrelevant Barcelona.”

Comrade: “I would have acted in a violent manner if my boss said this to me.”

Alex Stewart: “Xavi has also asked Frenkie to have a Masters degree in a relevant subject and know at least two programming languages and be great at using unstructured datasets.”

UnitedPeoplesTV: “Work harder and get paid half as much for it. Sign me up, what an offer.”

RedPassion1999: “This is what Barca were hoping for all along. They knew how much he didn’t want to leave and played the game brilliantly to get him to do this. Like it or not but they are absolutely winning this transfer window! Red flags from the start with this deal. Time to move on.”


United fans aren’t too pleased and quite simply bewildered by Frenkie’s approach, as they reacted



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