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How would that feel?’: Fans explain why Kounde would prefer Barca move over Chelsea

Jules Kounde is reportedly in talks with both Chelsea and Barcelona. There are conflicting reports about his future and it’s been claimed that he would prefer to join the Catalans over the Blues.

Two Chelsea fans on Twitter, Pys and Dubois, argue that preferring a Barca move makes a lot of sense from the player’s perspective.

“De Ligt was our first choice RCB over Kounde, players take notice, Barca’s first choice CB target has always been Kounde for this summer,” Pys wrote.

“We have prioritised other CB’s before Kounde, that does not come across well from a player’s perspective especially with how last summer went.

“He was probably itching to come here just to find out we pursued others first, how would that feel?”

Kounde would feel unwanted to an extent especially after last summer & then all the names being pursued before him whilst Barca have always prioritised him,” Dubois added.

Last summer, Chelsea had everything agreed for Kounde to join but Sevilla increased their asking price last-minute. Chelsea left the negotiating table, leaving Kounde at the Andalusian side.

This summer, the Blues pursued De Ligt (who went on to join Bayern) and Koulibaly (who signed for Chelsea) before they turned their attention back to Kounde.





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